The New Hoax

SUGARFREE FILMS LIMITED | B&W Drama Film directed by Michael Jaffer|September 2020, London

Day of the 20,000 Gammon

Pip Swallow | Short Film Horror Comedy directed by Pip Swallow |October 2019, London

Day of 20,000 of Gammon is BAFTA-qualifying Underwire Festival 2022


MET film School | Short Film directed by Florian Thess | September 2019, London 


Soul Rebel Films|Commercial Showreel directed by Meghna Gupta | July 2019, London

Cafe' Mirage

Pattern Maker Films | Feature Film directed by Neilson Black | July 2019, London

Damaged but Interesting

Petetom Productions | Short Film directed by Dann Emmons | May 2019, London


MET Film School| Trailer of the game " PANDEMIC" for Nintendo Switch and Xbox one, directed by Max Ward



Hidden Art Films Ltd | Short Film directed by Ben S. Hyland | November 2018, London

Quiet Carriage has been accepted by OSCAR and BAFTA qualifying, and 70 others british and international qualifications film festivals.

Quiet Carriage


Short Film directed and produced by Javan Ng | October 2018, London

Il Quadro Magico

Operetta for kids of Paolo Liga and Marco Senaldi | Corale Arnatese | 2014-2015 Italy