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I'm Alessandra, a London based Italian creative with a colourful vision of the world.
As a production and costume designer I have worked on a diverse range of sets varying from shorts to feature films, it keeps my interest high and my brain is constantly evolving.
I studied Art and Fashion in Milan, specialising as a costume designer.

For a set period of time I was dedicated to studying the costumes and weapons of the Mediaeval era.

Being a painter and illustrator, I refined my painting technique using acrylics, watercolours, pastels and oil paints, also learning to paint leather.

During my time back in Italy, I worked in the theatre, taking care of the costumes, and helping with the set design. 

Considered by people whom I worked for and with as very skilled and passionate, I tend to learn from every opportunity and make sure to add something special and unique based on each project.

Overall I am an extremely versatile and professional person, with a wide scenic vision and multiple skills. 
If you are in need of a creative for your project, feel free to give a look at my portfolio or my resume and get in touch with me to check about availability.

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